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Hy vọng 2 bạn "quannd" và "cumeo89" sẽ tích cực tham gia trả lời câu hỏi trên forum nhé !

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Vũ Dỗ Quỳnh
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Vũ Đỗ,
Actually I'm not a "forum" man and seldom uses them. I prefer by far mailing lists and push technologies.

I must say that I completely forgot the existence of that OOo-vi forum. Thanks for reminding me its existence.

We've got ten national language forum running and all apart from the VI one seem to be functioning. By way of background it was first set up in Mar 2009, after lobbying / request from a Vietnamese member of the English forum, Clytie Siddall <>. Unfortunately Clyte then withdrew because of ill-health and other commitments. Another member, Nam T. Nguyen <>, offered to take on the role, but never really got engaged.

I have deleted the remaining posts that you have marked as SPAM. I have also added you to the moderators to enable you to delete messages yourself through the Moderator Control Panel (link at top right of page).

We really need to decide, do we keep the forum up or do we shut this one down. I will keep a periodic check on SPAM, but unless your members are willing to have answers in English, the decision is really up to the Vietnamese members. The other two users who have answered questions and have visited the forum recently are quannd <> and cumeo89 <>. Perhaps you might create a thread to discuss the future of the forum and Email them asking for their thoughts.

I can either set up an ATOM feed or you can subscribe to the individual forums so that you get emailed if anyone posts, so that you know when to visit the forum.

Thanks for your input and response.
Regards Terry

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