why is the default behavior for ajax requests to force focus into some
component (normally the one which triggered the event that caused the
request, I guess)? This produces some bizarre situations when onfocus
or onblur are used for ajax validation. For example, if the form
component to be validated gets its focus transferred to some browser
ui widget (for example, the location bar), triggering an onblur
validation this way, it immediately recaptures focus after validation
has been completed (making it impossible to type text at the location
bar unless your fingers happen to be faster than the ajax rtt, to
follow the example). A similar problem occurs with tinymce editor, at
least. This behavior can be circumvented explicitly setting
target.focusComponent(null) for validation purposes, but why is it not
this way in the first place, at least for the focus related events? Is
there any rationale behind this that I'm missing?


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