On Nov 7, 2007 11:31 AM, Mats Norén <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hmm...I'm interested in seeing the difference as well. I would love to
> get it but right now I don't.
> Chris Colman wrote:
> "This new feature, or extension of the exiting feature, allows more than
> one section of markup to be "specialized" by derived (extended) markups
> whereas currently wicket only supports the deferred
> definition/implementation of a single markup section in any page. In
> other words we want to make a powerful feature even more powerful."
> Is the above statement really true considering that by adding abstract
> methods to your page you defer the creation of the markup in just the
> same way as the new proposed solution?
> BasePage.java
> public BasePage() {
>     addAbstract1("abstractId1");
>     addAbstract2("abstractId2);
> }
> public abstract addAbstract1(String abstractId1);
> public abstract addAbstract2(String abstractId2);

A little typo here..I meant:

public BasePage() {

public abstract Component addAbstract1(String abstractId1);
public abstract Component addAbstract2(String abstractId2);


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