> At the same time, I want to embed certain GWT or GWT-Ext widgets in the
> Wicket pages because they are really cool and would take a considerable
> effort for any developer to implement them in javascript.

Sounds like an idea I also had before: using GWT to create rich JavaScript
components embeddable in any kind of HTML page (be it static, Wicket
generated or whatever). Not really a Wicket question, but still.

One can think of using GWT to produce highly optimized JavaScript which
exports some API to plain JavaScript you write -- gwt-exporter
http://code.google.com/p/gwt-exporter/ might be useful to do this. Maybe it
is possible to create standard GWT "application" consisting only of your
library and a few lines of code to actually export the API (which should
prevent GWT compiler from optimizing your library out :-) ). Not tested
that, though.

Hope that helps.


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