we have recently launched our new Wicket-based website, and now we are experiencing that the memory consumption of the website is very high, so that it crashes the site regularly.

When profiling the application server, we found out that there are HTTP sessions that consume up to 2 MB of memory, mostly because there are very large ListViews with up to 1000 entries, where each entry consumes about 2 KB.

Our preliminary solution is to limit the size of those ListViews to a maximum of 50 entries, but even in those cases the session size is still at about 200 KB, which seems quite large to us.

I know that there have already been some discussions about memory consumption in Wicket due to the fact that the whole Page object of the last visited page is stored in the session; but what I'd like to know is: Have you experienced session sizes in a comparable magnitude, or are we doing something wrong? Or is this something we have to live with when using Wicket?

We are using Wicket 1.3.5.



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