On Tue, May 26, 2009 at 3:25 AM, Carl-Eric Menzel
<cm.wic...@users.bitforce.com> wrote:
> - The classpath file generated by 'mvn eclipse:eclipse' has an
>  include-pattern of '**/*.java' for both src/test/java and
>  src/main/java. This means that by default none of the HTML files or
>  other resources will be copied to the classpath when for example
>  using the 'Start' class.

go to preferences/compiler/building/output folder and remove *.html
from Filtered Resources list.

> The second problem is due to the way I set up my project -- it may be
> odd (is it?), but I think this is rather sensible for standalone
> component development.
> - I am developing a standalone component for use in other projects, so
>  under src/main/ I'd like to have only the classes and resources that
>  belong to the component. On the other hand, for testing and debugging
>  purposes, a simple Wicket application and page are very handy, so I
>  moved those from src/main to src/test, since these shouldn't show up
>  in the generated jar file.

test is for tests :)

the proper way to do this is to create a multimodule project - one
module containing the component and another containing a demo which
you can also use for testing.


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