I have a shell script that does most of this stuff.  Here's my steps:

1 - mvn clean package
2 - scp package to server(s)
3 - on server, run deploy script
3a - script makes temp working directory
3b - script copies web.xml, application.properties, etc from prod into temp dir
3c - script unzips war into proper location
3d - script copies the production web.xml, etc, back into place
3e - script restarts tomcat / apache (not necessary depending on your
config, it's just how I like to do it)

Most of the applications that I currently maintain can be deployed to
production within about five minutes, including build, upload time,
etc. (of course the automated tests take longer on some applications -
this is excluding test time)

Jeremy Thomerson

On Sat, Aug 15, 2009 at 10:33 PM, Tauren Mills<tau...@tauren.com> wrote:
> I currently don't have an automated deployment process in place for a
> wicket/spring/hibernate/maven project and am looking for suggestions
> on how to best implement one.  I'm open to any suggestions as well as
> references to helpful URLs and other resources.
> When it is time to deploy my project, I manually go through the following 
> steps:
> 1.  Edit application.properties and comment out my local development
> database configuration and uncomment the production database
> configuration. The settings in this file (jdbc.driver, jdbc.url,
> jdbc.username, jdbc.password, hibernate.dialect,
> hibernate.hbm2ddl.auto) are used in my spring configuration files to
> create a datasource and sessionfactory.
> 2.  Edit web.xml and change the configuration context-param from
> development to deployment.
> 3.  Run mvn install
> 4.  scp the newly built war file from my local maven repo to the
> jetty/webapps folder on my deployment server.
> 5.  Remove the existing ROOT.war file from the deployment server.
> 6.  Rename the new war file to ROOT.war
> 7.  Restart the deployment jetty server
> Of course, this assumes there are no complex database changes required
> by the new version that can't be handled by hbm2ddl.auto=update.  If
> there are, then I also need to apply an sql update script to the
> database.
> I'm sure that this process can be streamlined.  I plan to look into
> mvn deploy and see what I can accomplish.  I believe there are also
> ways to use maven to have development and deployment versions of
> different files such as application.properties.
> If you have already solved these types of problems, I'd love to hear
> how you did it.
> Thanks!
> Tauren
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