I'm using Wicket 1.4.1 with inmethod grid 1.4.1.

We have successfully used the inmethod grid in a few different scenarios but
have focused mostly on supporting IE6.  When a grid column is sortable, you
can click the header for the column to initiate the sort.  In IE6 this works
as expected, however we are now testing our app in FF3.5.5 and when the
header is clicked we receive
"Ajax POST stopped because of precondition check,
in the Wicket Ajax Debug window.

Upon investigation with FireBug, the Wicket.$$ is returning false.  It is at
this point that I am at a loss.  The Wicket.$$ method is able to
getElementById and return an instance of the object but for some reason it
is a different instance of the same element.  In my example, the
getElementById returns an instance that has children (correct) while the
element that was passed to the Wicket.$$ method does not have children
(incorrect).  How could the 'this' object (which is what is passed to the
Wicket.$$ method as element) not match what getElementById() returns?
As a sanity check has anyone else implemented a sorting column with inmethod
DataGrid and used FireFox 3.5.5 to test it?  Can anyone shed some light on
this problem for me?

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