I am attempting to put an isolated form within the main form of my page.  I 
found http://cwiki.apache.org/WICKET/nested-forms.html which was helpful in 
understanding how the processing works.  I was even more excited when I found 
http://cwiki.apache.org/WICKET/conditional-validation.html which instructed me 
exactly how to alter the form object to do what I wanted.  Unfortunately, the 
trick does not work as I expected it to.

It seems that if I simply implement IFormVisitorParticipant.processChildren, it 
is not enough to stop the Nested form's FormValidator from firing when the main 
form is submitted.  Therefore, I tried to implement the isEnabled technique.  
This did have the desired effect the first time through a page (enter data, 
submit main, no nested validator fires) but when the page re-renders after the 
submit, the nested form is now disabled!  It seems that the 
findSubmittingButton() method finds the button that was used to submit the 
form, even though the page is rendering again.

Another thing I noticed upon my different attempts is that altering the 
isEnabled method to use findSubmittingButton() won't work because 
findSubmittingButton() calls isEnabled()! which puts the code in an infinite 

Could someone please enlighten me on how to code an isolated nested form using 
Wicket 1.4.x.  Where isolated means that I want the form to have its own submit 
button and those fields are only submitted/processed/validated when that button 
is clicked.  I want the form to be ignored by the parent form.

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