I'm sorry to bump this.  At the least, can anyone point me to some code that
has successfully implemented isolated, nested forms using Wicket 1.4.x?

On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 8:43 AM, Charles Deal <charles.d...@missionse.com>wrote:

> I am attempting to put an isolated form within the main form of my page.  I
> found http://cwiki.apache.org/WICKET/nested-forms.html which was helpful
> in understanding how the processing works.  I was even more excited when I
> found http://cwiki.apache.org/WICKET/conditional-validation.html which
> instructed me exactly how to alter the form object to do what I wanted.
>  Unfortunately, the trick does not work as I expected it to.
> It seems that if I simply implement
> IFormVisitorParticipant.processChildren, it is not enough to stop the Nested
> form's FormValidator from firing when the main form is submitted.
>  Therefore, I tried to implement the isEnabled technique.  This did have the
> desired effect the first time through a page (enter data, submit main, no
> nested validator fires) but when the page re-renders after the submit, the
> nested form is now disabled!  It seems that the findSubmittingButton()
> method finds the button that was used to submit the form, even though the
> page is rendering again.
> Another thing I noticed upon my different attempts is that altering the
> isEnabled method to use findSubmittingButton() won't work because
> findSubmittingButton() calls isEnabled()! which puts the code in an infinite
> loop.
> Could someone please enlighten me on how to code an isolated nested form
> using Wicket 1.4.x.  Where isolated means that I want the form to have its
> own submit button and those fields are only submitted/processed/validated
> when that button is clicked.  I want the form to be ignored by the parent
> form.
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