That sounds great. Could you update the wiki page with the specifics for Wicket 1.4.8?


Op 17-03-10 08:20, Jonas schreef:
Thanks, Erik, that code would do the trick, too. I've implemented
a different workaround, though. In the next release of wicket (1.4.8),
WicketSessionFilter will 'expose' both the session and the application, Igor
already resolved my JIRA Issue [1]. BTW: Thanks to Igor for picking that
up so quickly!



On Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 9:05 PM, Erik van Oosten<>  wrote:
Hi Jonas,

Perhaps this is what you need:


Jonas wrote:
Hi all,

we're using WicketSessionFilter in our product to access
our custom WebSession, which works fine. Now we've tried
to also access the org.apache.wicket.Application (e.g. using
Session#getApplication or Application#get), which doesn't seem
to work, because the application isn't bound to the ThreadLocal.
After searching in nabble I found some old threads ([1], [2]) suggesting
this should actually work fine, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
Is there any special configuration trick I have to apply to make this
work, or are those old posts just (no longer) true?
If anybody could confirm this is actually a bug, I'd create an issue
in JIRA to have this fixed.



Erik van Oosten

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