Thank you for feedback. I used CSS positioning instead of tables, but it is 
real pain :)

From: Daniel Toffetti <>
Sent: Thu, March 18, 2010 1:46:37 AM
Subject: Re: A web site developed with Wicket

voltron <kocamane <at>> writes:
> Hello,
> is a web application
> developed with wicket framework.
> .....
> I would be happy if you try the site and give feedback. You
> can login the site with account;
> username = demo
> password = demo
> Thanks,

    It looks great, I like specially the menu. Some panels (Login, Subscription
Update) seem to be somewhat to the right of the screen, it would be better if
they were centered.
    And I get a 1 centimeter wide vertical padding both to the left and to the
right, don't know if this is intentional, it doesn't look good but perhaps it's
just me.
    Could not crash it yet, tested with Firefox 3.6 / Windows XP on a 17" CRT
(non-wide format).



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