I have a Page with a Wizard component. Currently using the next and previous
buttons perform full-page (non-ajax) form submissions which has the
necessary side-effect of being back-button friendly.

I implemented an ajax version of the Wizard in order to get faster
validations. That part works great - however, back button support is broken.
(Clicking the browser back button brings the user to the page before the
wizard page, instead of going back one page in the wizard).

Is there a way I can use Wicket's ajax form support to have these faster
validations while not breaking the back button? I tried doing:

protected void onSubmit(AjaxRequestTarget target, Form<?> form) {
    if( target != null ) {

to redirect the response in order to create a browser history entry. It
didn't work, so clearly there's something fundamental here that I don't

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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