Thanks Edward. I was hoping for some means of doing this in a
redirect-after-post kind of way so that the javascript response to the
client actually caused the browser to request the next wizard page via a new
url, creating a back-button history entry. I guess generating that URL for a
non-bookmarkable page during an ajax form submission and causing the client
to redirect is not doable.

In my particular case,  I have a wizard step with a single radio group and
no default option. Here I expect many users to simply click 'Next' and I was
hoping to save them the full page submission just to display the error
message. Unfortunately, here the "onblur" approach clearly won't work and I
can't think of another event handler onto which I could attach it.

However, it still sounds useful for my other form elements and I'll try it
out there.

Thanks again for the help.

On Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 1:47 PM, Edward Zarecor <>wrote:

> Since you are changing the DOM dynamically using Ajax, the browser --
> correctly I would say -- isn't considering this a page change, so the
> back button should take you back to the page prior to the wizard.
> The browser history will be immutable from JavaScript, so that's not an
> option.
> To achieve the user experience you want, I think the best alternative
> is to validate your fields via Ajax onblur, but move between wizard
> steps using a form submit.
> Hope this helps.
> Ed.
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