Our app will be using ExtJS tab controls.  So to make that easier I
wrapped the ExtJS code up into a Wicket Panel to hide the complexity
of working with ExtJS.  The idea is that I would tell my class what
the wicket:id of the span/div was to draw the thing to, as well as
naming the N subtab id's (these are the HTML ids) so that the class
could write out the javascript code to render the tabs from the markup
already in the page.  So the HTML would look like:

<div wicket:id='drawTabsHere'>
  <div id="tab1">Tab One!</div>
  <div id="tab2">Tab Two!</div>

And the java code would look like:

add(new MyTabPanel("drawTabsHere", "tab1", "tab2"));

The premise is REALLY close to working.  Here's my problems:

1) The wicket:id="" attribute on the div won't copy the id into the
markup.  I must repeat it in the template <div
wicket:id='drawTabsHere' id='drawTabsHere'>.  I tried adding the id
via an Attribute Modifier like so:

add(new AttributeModifier("id", new Model(renderToID)));

But it ignores me.  I'd rather not force my developers to repeat the
id.  How can I accomplish that?

2) More importantly, the rendering of the tabs is malfunctioning.  I
believe that it is because the panel actually DRAWS the <wicket:panel>
tag around the subtab div's and thus screws up ExtJS.  I didn't
realize that panels wrote the wicket tags out to the browser until i
hit this.  I'd always assumed that "wicket:" tags were for the
server's use, and were not rendered.  How can I suppress this so that
the DOM hierarchy is right for my use?

I do have a hidden input tag in the wicket:panel in order to preserve
the selected tab so that we preserve it between submits.  I tried
removing it and it did not help, but cannot remove the wicket:panel
without Wicket throwing an exception.

Brian Mulholland

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