Thanks Erik.

Why are you using absolute URLS?

Are you using absolute URLs to support editing in the web directory,
with a directory structure the same as the java package structure,
without breaking images?

Then it would look like you have found a different solution for the
same problem. Interesting. Both solutions require only small changes.
Have you tried to patch RelativePathPrefixHandler? With that change,
you would no longer be restricted to absolute paths.



On Sat, 19 Jun 2010 14:15:44 +0200, you wrote:

> describes a way to 
>make all URLs absolute.
>Unfortunately the patch attached to the issue is still not applied so 
>you'll have to build wicket yourself.
>     Erik.
>Op 18-06-10 21:56, schreef:
>> Hi Fernando,
>> obviously quite a few including yourself are separating markup from
>> Java packages to make it accessable to HTML developers.
>> How do you cope with the fact that Wicket markup, when rendered in any
>> folder without flattening the package structure, gets broken images?
>> That is what I am trying to address with
>> "Cannot substitute RelativePathPrefixHandler"
>> The three lines of Java code in RelativePathPrefixHandler are solving
>> this problem.
>> int lastIndex = attrValue.lastIndexOf("../");
>> if (lastIndex>= 0){
>>      attrValue = attrValue.substring(lastIndex + 3);
>> }
>> Regards,
>> Bernard

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