I'm using wicket to generate HTML and Compass/Blueprint to manage the

I have a multi column layout with a product in each cell like:

P1   P2   P3
P4   P5   P6


With the blueprint CSS framework you need to specify a slightly
different CSS 'class' (eg., "lastCell") for the last item in each row
and that uses different CSS that does not append an extra 'space' in the
grid as it does for the previous cells in that row.

I know that I can use 

        new SimpleAttributeModifier("class", "lastCell"));

when populating the list view but to do that I need to know how many
cells will appear in each row. What if I didn't want to hard code that
and leave it up to the markup to decide. Is there any wicket markup
trick that I can use to tell wicket to insert a special 'class' value
into the 'last cell' on each row?

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