Not familiar with the blueprint framework, but is there some reason
you could not use

whatever:last-child {


CSS pseudo-selector?

On Tue, Jul 13, 2010 at 7:16 PM, Chris Colman
<> wrote:
> I'm using wicket to generate HTML and Compass/Blueprint to manage the
> CSS.
> I have a multi column layout with a product in each cell like:
> P1   P2   P3
> P4   P5   P6
> P7
> Etc.,
> With the blueprint CSS framework you need to specify a slightly
> different CSS 'class' (eg., "lastCell") for the last item in each row
> and that uses different CSS that does not append an extra 'space' in the
> grid as it does for the previous cells in that row.
> I know that I can use
>        new SimpleAttributeModifier("class", "lastCell"));
> when populating the list view but to do that I need to know how many
> cells will appear in each row. What if I didn't want to hard code that
> and leave it up to the markup to decide. Is there any wicket markup
> trick that I can use to tell wicket to insert a special 'class' value
> into the 'last cell' on each row?
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