I have a label that's displayed on a page. The label displays but with a
linebreak and this breaks the sentence that I am writing. How do I get rid
of the line break after the label?

My code is below (the problematic label is svcName):

List list = getServices();
ListView listview = new ListView("servicesList", list) {
protected void populateItem(ListItem item) {
Service svc = (Service) item.getModelObject();

final String svcUrl = svc.svcUrl();
String svcName = svc.getName();
String count = "Hits: " + svc.count();

Link svcLink = new Link("svcUrl") {
public void onClick() {}

protected void onComponentTag(final ComponentTag tag) {
tag.put("href", svcUrl);
svcLink.add(new Label("svcName", svcName));
item.add(new Label("svcHits", count));

And this is my HTML view (the problematic label is svcName):

<ul class="projects">
    <li wicket:id="servicesList">
     <a wicket:id="svcUrl"><span wicket:id="svcName"/></a>
     <a href="/svcStats"><span wicket:id="svcHits"/></a> |
     <a href="/svcEdit">Edit</a> |
     <a href="/svcStatToggle">Deactivate</a> |
     <a href="/svcDel">Delete</a>


Many thanks
nii amon

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