> Why are you using prototype scope anyway?

In order to get a new fresh instance every time is requested.

> AFAIR the once the bean is looked up from spring it is being cached by
> AnnotProxyFieldValueFactory itself.
> So using prototype scope will not work anyway: either way you always get a
> fresh bean (so you cannot keep state) or you will always get the same bean
> (even worse if the bean is stateful).
> You probably should convert your code to using singleton beans and pass
> appropriate state from wicket component itself.

OK, I understand, that explains my issue. However, I have a bean that
is stateful and the state cannot be sent by wicket componets (more
precisely it's a bean that provides the local date and local time, and
it's cached in a field so every time you invoke it, it returns the
same date).

So, I'm getting the same date when I navigate through a stateful page.

Is there any another workaround or the only way out is not to keep the
date cached?

Thanks for the replies.
Mauro Ciancio

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