On Tue, 9 Nov 2010 10:20:12 +0200
Martin Makundi <martin.maku...@koodaripalvelut.com> wrote:

> > I frankly don't see any way to have this "auto-hierarchy" stuff
> > without getting lots of unnecessary ambiguity and sources of bugs. I
> > totally agree with what Eelco wrote below, and what someone else
> > said about the Python way of having only *one* way to do *one*
> > thing.
> Would you be happy if there was an application level configuration
> switch:
>       getMarkupSettings().setAllowComponentAutoHierarchy(true);

Possibly. I'd rather not have the unnecessary complexity of this
feature at all though. I certainly wouldn't want to support it if I was
a wicket developer :-)

> Which is default false?
> This way you can make sure nobody in YOUR project messes things up?

I have new projects every now and then, and most of them are already
underway when I get called in. Which is why I like toolkits that do not
encourage sloppiness(*).


*) sloppiness != easy to write
   I'm all for static typing, since it saves me the work of checking
   the types. I'd like it to be more like Scala, which saves me the
   typing I have to do in Java, while still giving me the same
   guarantees. With your proposed config switch, you're basically
   giving up one of Wicket's guarantees, the one that the hierarchy is
   what it looks like in the code.

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