Zachary, I will definitely find your code that does client-side
validation useful. I don't know if this helps but Jeremy Thomerson had
a presentation on custom JavaScript integration with Wicket

On Mon, Feb 20, 2012 at 2:06 PM, Maarten Bosteels
<> wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 5:41 PM, Paul Jackson <>wrote:
>> We do something very similar to this, and agree that it works really
>> well. We also use JSR303 annotations on our domain models and use them
>> to drive adding both wicket and jquery validators.
>> We have a bunch of ValdiationConfiguration classes that know what to add
>> to the markup and javascript to get the client side validation to work,
>> so we don't need an extension to IValidator.
>> Cheers,
>> Paul
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>> From: Zachary Bedell []
>> Sent: 15 February 2012 15:52
>> To:
>> Subject: Wicket jQuery Validator integration
>> Good morning,
>> Reading a recent thread about accessing jQuery Validation from Wicket
>> reminded me that I've developed some code that might be of use.  I'm not
>> sure if this is something anyone else would be interested in or if it's
>> something that might eventually be integrated into Wicket core or if it
>> would be more appropriate for one of the existing jQuery/Wicket
>> integration libraries.  I wanted to describe what I've cooked up so far.
>> If this is anything that would be useful, I'd be willing to clean the
>> code up a bit to extract a few bits that are specific to our environment
>> and post the code somewhere.
>> My intent was to get client-side validation using Wicket's existing
>> validation classes without requiring AJAX calls to make them work and
>> preferably without requiring Page's to include lots of unsightly
>> JavaScript.  Also, not duplicating validation logic on the client &
>> server tiers was desirable.  The code was originally developed for a
>> site that was expected to receive a high amount of traffic in a short
>> period of time, and avoiding unnecessary server calls was a priority.
>> I created a subclass of Form (ClientSideValidatingForm) which examines
>> each FormComponent (and sub-Form) added to it and extracts information
>> about the standard Wicket validations.  It generates JavaScript which
>> uses jQuery's Validator library to apply client-side checks equivalent
>> to the Wicket server side checks.  The nice thing about this is that you
>> get client-side validation for "free" just by adding the normal Wicket
>> validations plus you still get all your validations backed up in the
>> server side in case JavaScript is unavailable or disabled.
>> The implementation of the class does lack a bit in terms of elegance
>> unfortunately.  As the Wicket validation interface doesn't currently
>> know anything about JavaScript, it was necessary to run a chain of
>> instanceof checks against all the known Wicket validations and emit
>> JavaScript to mirror their logic.  I also created an extension of the
>> Wicket IValidator interface which can provide JavaScript functions to
>> perform validation equivalent to the server-side Java code.  The
>> extraction code in ClientSideValidatingForm preferentially checks for
>> this interface and uses provided JavaScript if available.  Otherwise,
>> it's a bunch of instanceof's to check for known validations or log an
>> error if an unknown instance of IValidator is found.
>> Long term, it would be helpful if the stock Wicket IValidator interface
>> could include a method to get JavaScript validations for all of the
>> stock validations.
>> The code is pretty tightly bound to jQuery Validator at this point, but
>> it's likely the methodology could be abstracted to other validation
>> frameworks.  It's also built using WiQuery, though that's mostly as a
>> convenience to get the same version of jQuery that we use elsewhere.
>> The same could easily be implemented without WiQuery provided a version
>> of jQuery was contributed to the response via some other mechanism.
>> Is this something anyone would be interested in?
> yes ;-)
>> Best regards,
>> Zac Bedell
>> (Apologies if this is a dupe. I had some email client config issues this
>> morning...)
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