Paul Bors wrote:
> I would suggest overriding FormComponentPanel#convertInput() only if your
> domain object can't be easily converted by Wicket given the model you have.
> If you're using CompoundPropertyModel and set the model on your
> FormComponentPanel then your TextField ID and type should be all you need
> for wicket to know which getter/setter to call.

Really? That's not possible in an 1.4-based application, IMHO.

FormComponentPanel is a FormComponent, i.e., it participates in
conversion, validation, and update Model. When that
FormComponentPanel has an associated model, e.g., a
CompoundPropertyModel, its getInputAsArray() will return null, null
will be stored as convertedInput, and updateModel() will set the
CompoundPropertyModel's object to that null value.

When sub-widgets of a FormComponentPanel do all the work necessary,
and the FormComponentPanel has a model of its own, I often override
updateModel() to be an empty method, to prevent the behavior named
above from happening.


Joachim Schrod, Roedermark, Germany

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