Which 6.x version are you using? We had some Url rendering issues solved in recent updates.


On 12/10/2012 04:12 AM, Chris Colman wrote:
When a browser (tested on FF and Chrome) makes a request after session
time out the jessionid is added to all links on the first page returned
- after that server detects cookies and uses those for session tracking.
This works fine on 1.5 but since migrating to 6.x we've noticed that the
links on that first page request have an extra slash i.e. they look
instead of http://www.myurl.com/news;jsessionid=215FF4213EC3F872062156804334311B The link with the double slash does not work when clicked and Tomcat
returns a Status 404 "resource not available" error.
Given that we haven't changed any code relating to how links are
rendered in our migration from 1.5 to 6.x is there a migration step that
we have missed or is this a bug?
Yours sincerely, Chris Colman

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