Maybe you should use GWT instead...


MattyDE <> schrieb:

>We have to implement a Wicket-driven webapp which could be easily
>included in
>any other customer HTML-"WebPage" without a java-driven webserver
>(could be
>also php or only html or anything else).
>My first idea: iframe. But iframes are not allowed cause of accessibly
>handicaped people.
>My second one (and last): JSONP. So on customer-side the customer just
>to include a script-Tag to our java-wicket-webserver and we let wicket
>submit the rendered page output to json, transfering it back to the
>customer, on which side the json would be unpacked, interpreted and
>But what is with the user-actions on this side. They all have to be
>transfered through JSONP again back to our java-server and so on.
>Did anybody of you did this before? Any ideas how to "pack" the
>page-markup in json (should i implement my own "WicketFilter"?)
>Thanks in Advance for any help, and apologise for my horrible English.
>Its not my mothers tongue.
>- Matt
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