I'm working on a project that's on wicket 1.4.  It's using
the MultiFileUploadField class.  I see in the code for that class that in
renderHead, it calls:
and earlier it defines:
private static final ResourceReference JS = new JavascriptResourceReference(
MultiFileUploadField.class, "MultiFileUploadField.js");

But, I'd like to make a minor modification to the actual javascript in
MultiFileUploadField.js.  Specifically, I want to modify that code to
remove the "c:/fakepath" prefix that appears in the box with the list of
selected files below the field (in chrome and safari - not a problem in
firefox and ie).  If I could just over-ride the javascript contents of that
file, it would be an easy fix.  But, more generally, I'd like to know not
just for this specific issue, is there a "wicket way" to override the
packaged javascript resource that comes with a component?  Perhaps is there
a simple way to extend the MultiFileUploadField class with my own class,
and somehow keep the rest of the code as is, but specify an alternate
resource?  It's private in that class, so I don't see how I'd do this, but
maybe I'm missing something obvious.  Or maybe is there some way to keep
using the same class but to tell the application that I want to replace the
corresponding javascript file with my own?  Or is there some other approach
I should be taking when this type of issue comes up?

Thanks very much for any advice,

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