Okay, so you are saying I need to create my own versions of each of those
private variables referenced in renderHead, and override any methods that
use any of them, to reference my own, is that right?  Unfortunately, it
still has maintenance implications, but I guess that might just be
inevitable given what I want to do.

Thanks for the help!

Francois Meillet wrote
> Le 15 févr. 2013 à 16:48, evan <

> evan@

> > a écrit :
>> Hi Francois,
>> Thanks, but actually this still has issues.  At first I thought it was
>> clearly the simple thing I was missing, but then I remembered there's
>> still
>> a problem - the line in renderHead copied from the original
>> MultiFileUploadField uses private members container, max, and upload, so
>> the
>> extending class won't be able to do this.  I realize I could create my
>> own
>> versions of each of these (like you suggested with YOURJS), and then
>> override every method that uses any of them, replacing the reference with
>> the new versions.  But that might propagate to usage of other fields, and
>> at
>> that point
>> it might be simpler to just copy the entire contents of the
>> original class's code into a new version of the class of my own,
> I would not do that, as you say after, there will be maintenances issues
>> with the
>> only modification being the location of the .js resource.  Neither of
>> these
>> two things would be hard to do, and maybe they are simply the only
>> solutions, but it feels like that's not great, because it loses the
>> ability
>> to leverage the fact that future versions of the api class might improve
>> in
>> other ways and there'd be maintenance issues keeping my version
>> up-to-date
>> with the rest of the api.  Is that just what needs to be done, or is
>> there
>> possibly some other way to use the existing class directly and just swap
>> some alternate resource file in place of the default one? 
> As you say, you 'd like to make a minor modification to the actual
> javascript in , MultiFileUploadField.js,
> so in this case I will choose the renderHead override method.
> François Meillet
> Formation Wicket - Développement Wicket

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