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> It is not the maintenance cost the problem.
> The reason why these frameworks have been abandoned is because there were
> no users for them. Or at least not enough.

Then again - I'm wondering why Grails and Rails are successful (huge user
base) and these frameworks are not (don't have enough users) :-)
Grails and Rails are simply very good RAD tools, isn't that right?
I strongly believe that Wicket would be able to attract much larger user
base if only it would have a better set of UI components, and better RAD
The situation improves lately, but very slowly - not fast enough to
complete with other frameworks.

> I hope you have told them that you have considered Isis but choose to roll
> your own solution because their docs are lacking. Without your feedback it
> wont get better by itself ;-)
I considered Isis for a separate new project with lots of admin UI, and
compared it against Play (1 or 2) and Grails. Finally I've decided to go
with Grails in that case.
Our main product was started quite some time ago, long before Isis (or long
before I had learned about Isis).
Back than we also seriously considered Grails as a Wicket alternative, and
started using Wicket due to performance. Honestly, I'm still wondering
about correctness of that decision, but that's another story :-)

> But even that I know about Isis, and their great support in forums, etc. I
> would still prefer to create my own solution for the problem because it
> will be much easier for me.
Personally, I'd prefer to have a rich framework to start building upon,
instead of developing another bicycle.



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