we seem to face a little problem here with wicket 6.11:


setPageManagerProvider(new DefaultPageManagerProvider(this));

sets the default provider here. Lateron [during init()] we replace this one by using the snippet from HttpSessionDataStore's javadocs:

setPageManagerProvider(new DefaultPageManagerProvider() {
 protected IDataStore newDataStore() {
  return  new HttpSessionDataStore(
   pageManagerContext, new PageNumberEvictionStrategy(20));

for clustering.

Now the problem is, if anyone (in between) is able to call getPageManagerProvider().get() on the application, this would (and does) create a dangeling pageSavingThread by wrapping the unwanted defaultProvider into an AsynchronousDataStore.

... bad thing.

We seem to have this situation, where an Initializer is calling the above code.

Now for the question: what is the suggested way to register a PageManagerProvider BEFORE anyone asks for it?

cu uwe

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