On 10/25/2013 09:39 AM, Sven Meier wrote:

Hi Sven,

I think we have to improve Application#setPageMangerProvider():
     public synchronized final void setPageManagerProvider(final
IPageManagerProvider provider)

better, but to my understanding, not quite there yet.

while that helps cleanly shutting down the unwanted (default) PageManagerProvider, imho, we should make sure, that the user has the chance to register his PageManagerProvider, before the get-call is being issued.

in our case, with the above fix, we still have a call originating from sessionUnbound, that tries to work with the default PMP, which then complains about the file/directory he thinks is associated to the session being unbound, does not exist. (because, we dont use the DiskPageManager, duh :) )

how about registering to the container AFTER wicket init() has been executed, so that the application has had the chance to swap the default PMP for some other before it is called first?

for a quick workaround we introduced an application state flag being flipped from INITIALIZING to RUNNING at the end of init() and just return from sessionUnbound unless this flag is RUNNING.

not quite as elegant - in other words hacky - but works for now.

cu uwe

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