On 18.10.2013 09:03, Martin Grigorov wrote:

Hi Martin,

Can you give more details about the setup and the problem ?

of course. we use two Tomcat6 with clustering enabled (Backup-Manager) with apache in front using sticky sessions.

when redeploying, we restart tomcat.

Now when one tomcat is restarted and the wicket initializes, there is a time-window in which wicket is not yet fully initialized (and our DataStore is not yet set), yet the application is already bound as an UnbindingListener.

This is where we see sessionUnbound being called, which as i mentioned, causes a default datastore (disk) being wrapped in an AsyncDatastore and the damage is done:

public void sessionUnbound(final String sessionId){

pageManager = pageManagerProvider.get(getPageManagerContext());

if (dataStore.canBeAsynchronous())
  int capacity = storeSettings.getAsynchronousQueueCapacity();
  dataStore = new AsynchronousDataStore(dataStore, capacity);

and then AsynchronousDataStore:97

what other info in particular are you looking for?
i could create a quickstart and attach it to a jira issue.

cu uwe

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