As in my project a number of resources are only available within
the running web application (e.g. message queues and DB access
are provided by the Glassfish application server), I would like
to run a TestNG suite from a wicket page, thus allowing me to
test pieces of the code that depend on those (and other

I've taken a brief look at the TestNG command line interface,
and it seems like doing what is being done in TestNG.main should
more or less work. Rather ugly, but seemingly without
alternative, I need to have TestNG in my webapp's CLASSPATH. 
The test classes I package into a JAR that I deploy with the
webapp when I want to run the tests. Still I need to configure
TestNG to load all tests from that JAR specifically, and I
haven't yet figured out how to do this.

Just thought that I might not be the first trying this, so if
there's anyone out there who has some experience with it, I'd
greatly appreciate some hint.



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