Usually when running (WicketTester) tests people provide mock
implementations of the external services like MQ, DB, ...
It is much easier to return some mock data, either good data or broken, to
your application and verify that it behaves correctly in both situations.

On Fri, Nov 29, 2013 at 7:10 PM, Martin Dietze <d...@fh-wedel.de> wrote:

> As in my project a number of resources are only available within
> the running web application (e.g. message queues and DB access
> are provided by the Glassfish application server), I would like
> to run a TestNG suite from a wicket page, thus allowing me to
> test pieces of the code that depend on those (and other
> resources).
> I've taken a brief look at the TestNG command line interface,
> and it seems like doing what is being done in TestNG.main should
> more or less work. Rather ugly, but seemingly without
> alternative, I need to have TestNG in my webapp's CLASSPATH.
> The test classes I package into a JAR that I deploy with the
> webapp when I want to run the tests. Still I need to configure
> TestNG to load all tests from that JAR specifically, and I
> haven't yet figured out how to do this.
> Just thought that I might not be the first trying this, so if
> there's anyone out there who has some experience with it, I'd
> greatly appreciate some hint.
> Cheers,
> M'bert
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