The main reason to not backport it to wicket-6.x is that JSR356
(websocket-api.jar) is built with Java 7.
And Wicket 6.x is being build with Java 6 ...

One option is to wait for Wicket 7.0.0.M1 (we talk about it for a month
now, so I hope it will be released soon!).
Another option is to port wicket-native-websocket-javax to wicket-6.x and
explain somewhere that you have to run on Java 7 to be able to use it.
Please file a ticket and if no one else objects against this then we will
do it for 6.15.0.

And yes, we will have to find a better way to explain in the guide which
feature is new and available only in 7.x ...

Martin Grigorov
Wicket Training and Consulting

On Thu, Mar 6, 2014 at 11:20 AM, Henrik Østerlund Gram <
henrik.g...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm been anxious to use websockets with Wicket (I'm tied to the JBoss
> appserver and do not wish to use Atmosphere) and as I just upgraded to
> WildFly 8, I thought finally it would be possible.
> The instructions on
> http://wicket.apache.org/guide/guide/nativewebsockets.html (which states
> the guide applies to version 6.x) instructs you to just include the
> wicket-native-websocket-javax dependency, but that doesn't work as that
> artifact does not seem to exist for the latest 6.x branch and I was also
> unable to find it in the git repo.
> Now I do see it in the master branch for 7.x, and I'm wondering if anyone
> tried using the same classes for 6.14? Is there some reason it's not been
> backported, or is it just hiding somewhere?
> Regards,
> Henrik

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