Hi Wicket Users,

   I've just started to learn the Wicket by fixing some issues in our legacy 
backlog repository.

Therefore, I need some clarification to manage my blockpoints. Having spent 
enough time to fix it by myself,
I finally must turn out to this help.

The weird problem could be described following:

  1.  A base form contains components and links to 
AbstractFormDialog(Jquery-ui) for user inputs.
  2.  When the formDialogA is submitted, some parent components are updated, 
some remain empty, as it is expected.
  3.  Another modal formDialogB is open and submitted and expecting components 
are not updated.

When this procedure is done in swapped sequence - firstly formDialogB and then 
formDialogA is opened, everything works ok.

Seems as if, the submitting formDialogA breaks the references for submission 

Could you please clarify me, what should be checked to avoid this problem?



Michal Zimen
e-mail: michal.zi...@anasoft.com

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