Well, snippets from source code might come later. My concerns are, that the 
issue I’m facing is related to this
None weird logs have been found on both sides.

DialogA with a nested form uses POST to update its stuff, but the dialogB 
handle its work through GET only(no form submission).

I was trying to catch the root form submission in form.onSubmit(), but I found 
out, that this is not called, since the wantSubmitOnNestedFormSubmit() returns 
Therefore I conclude, that after POST request, other references among 
components are broken. 

The question might be: How to "refresh" or keep these references after nested 
form is submitted?

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> Hi Wicket Users,
>    I've just started to learn the Wicket by fixing some issues in our 
> legacy backlog repository.
> Therefore, I need some clarification to manage my blockpoints. Having 
> spent enough time to fix it by myself, I finally must turn out to this 
> help.
> The weird problem could be described following:
>   1.  A base form contains components and links to
> AbstractFormDialog(Jquery-ui) for user inputs.
>   2.  When the formDialogA is submitted, some parent components are 
> updated, some remain empty, as it is expected.
>   3.  Another modal formDialogB is open and submitted and expecting 
> components are not updated.
> When this procedure is done in swapped sequence - firstly formDialogB 
> and then formDialogA is opened, everything works ok.
> Seems as if, the submitting formDialogA breaks the references for 
> submission formDialogB.
> Could you please clarify me, what should be checked to avoid this problem?

I'd suggest these two things:
1) check for errors both in the server logs and in the browser
2) use a FeedbackPanel to show any validation errors in all Forms. I.e. if you 
override #onSubmit()/#onUpdate() then make sure you also override
#onError() and if you use Ajax then add the FeedbackPanel to the 

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