Gaëtan GUYODO wrote:
> I need to useApache HTTP server in front of XWiki.
> I just found that I'm using JETTY as java container (that's the one 
> packaged into the windows installer).
> I'm trying to find more information about using httpd in front of jetty.
> If anyone already did that...
> Esbach, Brandon a écrit :
>> Are you using the Apache HTTP server, or Apache Tomcat?
>> XWiki requires a java container (such as Tomcat) to run.
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>> Another "new user" question...
>> I used the xwiki-enterprise-installer-windows-1.2-rc-2.exe
>> I would like to use that xwiki with apache, into an existing VirtualHost.
>> I first just added these lines into the VirtualHost directives :
>> <virtualHost>
>> ...
>> Redirect permanent /myXwiki/ http://server:8080/xwiki/bin/view/Main/WebHome
>> ProxyPass /myXwiki/ http://server:8080/xwiki/bin/view/Main/WebHome
>> ProxyPassReverse /myXwiki/ http://server:8080/xwiki/bin/view/Main/WebHome
>> ...
>> </virtualHost>
>> That's a first step, but when I try http://.../myXwiki/, I can only see text 
>> from xwiki, into a white page, no skin, no picture...
>> I think I need to authorize apache to execute scripts, but I didn't find 
>> anything about that into the documentation or mailing list archive.
>> I realised I didn't know what is the default "servlet container" into the 
>> xwiki-enterprise-installer-windows-1.2-rc-2.exe installation.
>> Any idea ?


The default installer is just for a quick setup, with jetty and hsqldb, 
so that you can run XWiki out of the box. It is not supposed to be used 
in production environments. For that, you must install tomcat, configure 
mod_jk so that httpd forwards requests to tomcat, install not the .exe, 
but the war, install the database (mysql is the best choice for the 
moment), install the proper hibernate connector, configure hibernate...

There's some documentation on, search for it.

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