Hey guys,

Let me apologize in advance for asking what is probably the dumbest 
question you've seen in a while.

I'm hosting a wiki: noddle.myxwiki.org on your community farm. I've been 
playing around with the
platform, trying to get a feel for the software, and right now the site 
is currently a disaster.

Anyways. I'm not sure why, but the login/logout button is missing from 
the main (noddle.myxwiki.org)
page. I'm not sure if I have to manually insert a link somewhere, or if 
it's an artifact of me messing
around with the permissions, but I've spent many hours trying to come up 
with a solution that's better
than logging into the myxwiki.org page and navigating to noddle...

Thanks in advance.


Philip Brunetti

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