Hi again,

in my ongoing efforts in customizing the appearance of the pages of my 
wiki I've followed the steps of the skin extension tutorial:

I've created a StyleSheetExtension and selected 'Use this extension' 
'Always on the wiki' and it works as expected.

However I've started to replace fix color settings by references to the 
themes settings
e.g. $theme.borderColor ... $theme.titleColor
and also I've checked 'Parse content' 'Yes' and disabled caching this 
doesn't work.
Velocity statements seem not to be processed or I am referring to 
invalid property names.
(I have been trying the ones from /templates/colorThemeInit.vm)

What am I doing wrong here ?

In the example the page is laoded on demand with

so I would assume there should be a document named 
"MyFirstStylesheetExtension" in XWiki space (or maybe some other space).
Thats not the case for my own instance of 
XWiki.MyFirstStylesheetExtension that I've added.
Shouldn't I be able to find the instance as a document somewhere in the 
spaces ?

Thanks for your support

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