Hi Gerrit,

i can give you a partial anwer to your questions as I have also been 
struggling to adapt look & feel of one of my sites.

I tried as much as possible not to change the code in the VM templates 
as this requires access to the server and makes it harder to document 
all the places and survive a version upgrade.

Basically I've created a page containing a velocity macro that contains 
all the restrictions.
This page needs to be included in all pages where the restrictions shall 
The restrictions are just css selectors to suppress visibility:

#if (!$hasEdit)
{{html clean="false"}}
   #hierarchy {display:none;}
   #document-title {display:none;}
   #mainmenu .leftmenu {display: none;}
   #contentmenu {display: none;}
#set ($docextras= "[]")

No hierarchy, document-title, e.t.c. if you have no editing rights , 
e.g. you are not logged in.
However you need to include the page on all pages where the restricitons 
shall apply:

{{include document="Main.Restrictions"/}}

You might have a look at the results at http://shept.org



Am 10.05.2011 13:27, schrieb Gerritjan Koekkoek:
> Hi,
> I'm looking into 'how to modify parts of the userinterface' of XWiki for a 
> specific site/application
> We would like to achieve this with minimal impact/effort and stick to the 
> colibri-skin as close as possible
> the following interface elements are of interest to us;
> The MENU-Bar's; both on the top of the screen as well as the one on top of a 
> document,
> The Box that contains Comments, Attachments, History and Information
> The top of the document that shows Document navigation hierarchy, the 
> document name or title the last modified and the summary of Comments, 
> Attachments
> With regard to menubar;
> We would like to be able to add, show or hide elements depending on the Role 
> and rights of the user AND the nature of the document
> Role; If user is a guest, author, moderator (typical roles you find in a 
> Content Management System
> Rights; Has Edit Rights
> Document nature; if document is only velocity (like livetables, scripted page 
> etc..) ->  maybe this should be managed by rights?
> The Box that...
> Document nature; if a document is scripted we would like to hide the box, so 
> only real content pages should show that box
> The top of a document
> Document nature; If document nature is script; title, last modified by and 
> summary of box makes no sense
> My question is what would be the best place(s) to do these things? What is a 
> good source of information to learn about these elements and best practises 
> to learn to modify them
> (which API functions do work on these elements)
> The VM template "menuview" seems to contain the structure of the menubars; is 
> this the place to influence the behaviour
> It also contains #xwikitopmenuentrystart, #submenuitem etc.. where are these 
> things defined (and/or documented)?
> thx
> Gerritjan
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