Hi Ricardo and Edo,

2013/5/22 Edo Beutler <ebeut...@synventis.com>

> Hi Ricardo
> You are only checking in one object. So there has to be one object that
> contains the doc name, but not the withdrawal part which is fulfilled by
> the third object in your example. Whilst I don't recall ever having tried
> checking for multiple objects in XWQL, I would suspect this should work:
> #set ($xwlquery1 = "from doc.object(XWiki.XWikiComments) as comm1,
> doc.object(XWiki.XWikiComments) as comm2 where doc.translation = 0 and
> comm1.comment like '%$doc.title%' and comm2.comment not like
> '%Withdrawal:2011%'")

You are right. But I think you should add "comm1 <> comm2" in your query to
make it work.

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