For informations, my new LDAP filter seem more efficient to genrate ldap cache:

Thxs both.


> - With ldap authentication, I filter members by ldap statics groups
> #-# Only members of the following group can authenticate.
> xwiki.authentication.ldap.user_group=dn=_agents_,xxxx,dc=fr
> _agents_ contain a static list of memberUID with name.surname
> I active log for ldap and I saw that for the first connexion by a ldap user, 
> cache creation take 1mn
> Apparently xwiki try to retrieve the dn for each member of the static group 
> for generate his cache (~5 queries by member)
> Of course, I increased xwiki.authentication.ldap.groupcache_expiration value
> Are there a way to refresh the ldap cache by cron or scheduled script?
> Thxs.
> Pascal B
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