Hi Thomas,

What do you mean by "to depend on net.sf.plantuml:plantuml" ? Is it a new feature ? Can you give me a few pointer on this subject ?


On 12/04/2016 15:53, Thomas Mortagne wrote:
Note that a cleaner solution would be to refactor PlantUML Macro
extension to depend on net.sourceforge.plantuml:plantuml extension
instead of embedding it. Extension will simply put the plantuml jar in
the classloader and it would be automatically available to the
PlantUML Macro (no need to load the attachment anymore).

On Tue, Apr 12, 2016 at 9:23 AM, Vincent Massol <vinc...@massol.net> wrote:

On 11 Apr 2016, at 23:47, dullfig <da...@grmcompany.com> wrote:


I want to upload the latest PlantUML.jar server as an attachment to the
PlantUMLMacroGClass page. The current PlantUML.jar is outdated, and is
already an attachment to this page.

I press the "chose file"button, search for the .jar file, and invariably it
stops at about 2MB with an error message that says "an error occured while
uploading plantuml.jar". What could be the problem? the file is about 5MB
Maybe you should check this out:

And also http://platform.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/AdminGuide/InstallationMySQL 
if you’re using mysql:

"       • By default MySQL only accepts packets that are smaller than 1MB. If you get the 
"Packet for query is too large (max_allowed_packet)" error then see the Packet too 
large error page. For example to increase the packet size to 32M you could start the MySQL 
server with mysqld --console --max_allowed_packet=32M or you can modify directly the my.cnf 
configuration file to set this value permanently.”

You should also check the logs to see the details of "an error occured while 
uploading plantuml.jar” (that doesn’t give enough info to help you more).



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