> http://jira.xwiki.org/browse/XRENDERING-240

not exactly sure but sounds like it would solve it. (Your comment about
{{context}} macro sounds actually better. It could help with more things
then just this.) 

> Could you explain your need since there may be other ways of achieving it? 

I would like to document widgets for our framework. And now I'm trying to
deal with occasional inheritance. Reasonably easy to write for authors and
readable for implementators. 

I changed TOC style so it looks similar to QuickNav here:

The "working" idea is to use one {{include}} for each property/method of
base class. That way  inherited content is shown on subclass page, TOC is
ok, and we are happy. Downside is it requires to copy all those includes
several times (base is heavy). And if there is new property/method in base
class it is required to manually copy it into all descendants (not that many
but still). 

So I was thinking. If I could just get TOC for base class into subclass
page, it might be much better and easier. It would be always "up-to-date",
you would see what makes subclass different, and if you click the base class
TOC it will just take you to the base page heading, seeing all related
properties/methods together. 

So my closest idea was something like this:

{{display reference="baseClassPage" section="HbaseClass"/}}

=== subClass ===
{{TOC /}}

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