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> that {{context}} sounds like great solution for the needs. 
> I thought about classes/objects before but it seemed like it would only
> obfuscate texts making editability harder for no real gain (like replacing
> wiki editor with simple text field for method description). 

You also have a textarea xproperty type which offers either the wiki editor or 
the wysiwyg editor.

> Descriptions are heavily formatted, with its own signatures, macros and
> examples (preview required). With "edit" button for each heading it makes
> things nice and easy. Wiki itself is good way to make articles, compatible
> with internal code commentaries/intellisense.  

You get something similar with forms and the edit button which is wired 
automatically to edit the form.

> Life table, while it might solve merging records from multiple pages (not
> clue how)

It just queries all pages having xobjects of a given xclass, see 

> is quite worse then TOC (filtering method names is never required,
> finding them with browser Ctrl+F works perfectly if needed and TOC takes
> only fraction of space life table does so overview is more clear). 

Using the “TOC-way” is what you’d use in a standard first generation wiki 
(because there’s nothing else). In XWiki you are able to go much further with 
applications built using xclass, xobjects and xproperties. You should try it 
(even if not for this use case), just to see/feel the power of it.

> Normally it would deserve it's own customized application. But that is the
> part we chose to use wiki pages we have. 

Your choice, I can only make suggestions ;)

FYI I’ve fixed and committed http://jira.xwiki.org/browse/XRENDERING-240. You 
could get it by using a snapshot build, see 


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