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>> http://jira.xwiki.org/browse/XRENDERING-240
> not exactly sure but sounds like it would solve it. (Your comment about
> {{context}} macro sounds actually better. It could help with more things
> then just this.) 
>> Could you explain your need since there may be other ways of achieving it? 
> I would like to document widgets for our framework. And now I'm trying to
> deal with occasional inheritance. Reasonably easy to write for authors and
> readable for implementators. 
> I changed TOC style so it looks similar to QuickNav here:
> http://api.jqueryui.com/dialog/
> The "working" idea is to use one {{include}} for each property/method of
> base class. That way  inherited content is shown on subclass page, TOC is
> ok, and we are happy. Downside is it requires to copy all those includes
> several times (base is heavy). And if there is new property/method in base
> class it is required to manually copy it into all descendants (not that many
> but still). 
> So I was thinking. If I could just get TOC for base class into subclass
> page, it might be much better and easier. It would be always "up-to-date",
> you would see what makes subclass different, and if you click the base class
> TOC it will just take you to the base page heading, seeing all related
> properties/methods together. 
> So my closest idea was something like this:
> {{display reference="baseClassPage" section="HbaseClass"/}}
> === subClass ===
> {{TOC /}}

I’m not entirely sure I fully understand but I think the canonical way of doing 
this with XWiki is by creating some structure with xclasses, xobjects and 

Basically you create an xclass to represent a widget. You can also have an 
xclass to represent a widget method (name + description + etc).

Then on the home page, you use (for example) a LiveTable to display all methods 
for all widgets. This gives you a nice searchable/filterable TOC :)



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