I'm building v8 5.4 using the following commands (Ubuntu 14.04, x64):

$ fetch v8
$ cd v8
$ git checkout remotes/branch-heads/5.4
$ gclient sync
$ tools/dev/v8gen.py x64.release -- is_component_build=true 
$ ninja -C out.gn/x64.release

However, when I do this, libv8.so is *not* generated in out.gn/x64.release. 
In order for it to be generated, I need to do:

$ gn args out.gn/x64.release
# Close vi (no need to save).
$ ninja -C out.gn/x64.release

Then, 851 files are (re)compiled and libv8.so is generated.

Why do I need to re-run gn for the options to take effect? Am I missing 
some step in the building process?

Thank you!

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