Hi Malcolm,

VBOX_USER_HOME also should work on Windows if you set this as system-wide variable. This of course means that this only can point to one profile at a time.

If you mount the current user's profile always to the same location (e.g. "X:\VirtualBox") you can give this at least a try.

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On 14.10.2016 19:19, Klaus Espenlaub wrote:
Max's answer is correct for every supported host OS besides Windows. As
usual, on Windows everything is more difficult. On this OS it's COM
which starts the API service, VBoxSVC.exe, and I don't know a way right
now to reliably pass it the required env variable...

On 14.10.2016 19:02, Maxime Dor wrote:
Hi Malcolm,

You can change the location using the ||VBOX_USER_HOME|| env variable.
More info here: https://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch10.html#idm9569


On 14/10/16 18:52, Malcolm Clarke wrote:
Dear All

Although VirtualBox holds a parameter for the location of the
configuration files of the virtual machines, is there any way to
control the location of the configuration file of Virtual Box?
Currently it installs itself in a directory ".VirtualBox" in the
user's default directory.

Is there a switch or otherwise to place this directory and its
configuration file in another specified location?

I ask this because we are using Virtual Box with students in a lab.
They are allocated a home drive which is connected every time they
log on to a machine, but we do not operate roaming profiles. Although
they can retain the VM configuration directories and files by
configuring to their home drive, they "lose" the Virtual Box
configuration file every time they move to another machine.




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