On 07/25/2017 11:06 AM, Michael Thayer wrote:
13.07.2017 16:42, Michael Thayer wrote:
10.07.2017 12:29, Hans de Goede wrote:
[Patch to shared folder code proposed by Hans to reduce the line count
of the Linux driver.]


I redid the patch again, after realising that the non-physical-page path
was for supporting VirtualBox 3.0 and older on the host, which we have
not tested or supported for a long time.  Therefore
VbglR0CanUsePhysPageList() could be removed altogether.

Hans, I kept your signed-off-by despite my changes, I hope that is fine.

Yes that is fine.

The changes I committed are also attached to this message.

It seems that you've introduced a bug there. You've removed the

err = RT_FAILURE(err) ? -EPROTO : 0;

Line after the VbglR0SfWritePhysCont() call, but that call returns
a VBox status code and sf_reg_write should return a negative
errno value on error.


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