I am trying to accomplish using vpopmail with the tcpserver/mysql patch.

Based on the documentation found on step 13 of

For sites using the mysql module and --enable-roaming-users=y it is
highly suggested to use Matt Simersons tcpserver-mysql patch. This
removes the need for vpopmail to compile a tcp.smtp.cdb file for each
pop authentication.

I have implemented the patch, and verified that tcpserver is reading my
/var/qmail/control/sql file properly (if I chmod 000 this file,
tcpserver complains about it on startup). Also with
--enable-roaming-users=y in vpopmail, vchkpw properly writes the
authenticated IP addresses/timestamp to the vpopmail.relay table in

My problem is this:

Even though it is properly writing the IPs to the vpopmail.relay table,
it is also writing them into the tcp.smtp.cdb hash file. I would like it
to ONLY write to MySQL and not to the .cdb. I have tried
--enable-roaming-users=n, but this causes vchkpw to stop writing the IP
addresses to either location. 

It is almost like there should be a --dont-update-tcprulesfile=true
variable upon configuration. Am I missing something here? Has someone
else configured vpopmail in this manner and gotten around this problem?


Paul Fries

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